They tell you to be yourself & then they judge you

They tell you to be yourself & then they judge you.

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  • lafamiliallc commented on April 15, 2019 Reply

    Correct! If you see someone being mistreated, you have the right to stop it. And when you’re bullied yourself, you can stand up to them – there are likely understanding people nearby who are more than willing to help you. Keep in mind that a bully is human and as such, makes mistakes – he or she may need you to stand up for them, as well. Read on for another quiz question. If people are judging you, then these people don’t deserve you. Next time they judge you, say “I don’t care,” or “That’s what you think, how’s that working out for you?” This will give them reason to understand that you don’t care what they think of you and that you’re confident, which will make you a bad target for the haters.

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